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Welcome PASSAP Knitters!

This is a community website and forum aimed at users of any PASSAP or PFAFF Knitting Machine.

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PASSAP Knitting machines have been around for over 50 years now and most are still going strong.  Many are hidden in lofts and under beds, but still more are being used on a regular basis.  

2012-13 saw a great revival in the use of the domestic knitting machine and most owners of a PASSAP know that they are in possession of one of the greatest machines ever made.  The flagship E6000 machine, made from the mid 1980’s is still by far and away the Rolls Royce of it’s like (not that this writer is biased you will understand, as an owner of a fine example). Succeeded by the E8000 machine which was fated not to have such a wide ownership, these were the last to come out of the PASSAP factories as the company ceased production in the late 1990’s.

This website has been created out of a love for the art and craft of knitting, and of a desire to encourage and assist others in their work too.  We make no charge for registration and all help is freely given by people who, like you, just want to get the best from their machines.

Come along in and say ‘Hello’, we would love to meet you for a knit and natter!


PASSAP Knitters is proud to support PreemiesUK, a group of volunteers making blankets and clothing for premature babies in UK Maternity and Neo-natal units.